Sahara Parkside

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    Parkside is a state-of-the-art care development courtesy of Sahara Care, who specialise in looking after adults with learning disabilities through modern technology and skilled care packages.

    The home is manned by a team of well-trained professionals who are skilled in enabling residents to achieve a good level of health and fitness, whilst developing their own independent lifestyles.

    Parkside consists of ten 3-bedroom apartments that are set up to provide a comfortable social environment, with as much privacy as service users need and round-the-clock access to carers.

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Review date :Oct 1 2013
The Staff have provided excellent care for my sister. When she arrived at Parkside after spending several weeks in hospital she wasn't at all sure she wanted to stay. The staff worked tirelessly with her and she finally settled. She has made many friends along the way both residents and staff. Whenever I ring her she is happy. Recently our mother passed away. My mother was really concerned about my sister's wellbeing. On my mothers final day she turned to me and said well I know your sisters happy, this knowledge helped her pass peacefully. My sister attended the funeral with a member of staff from Parkside. On the following Saturday she attended my son's Bar Mitzvah again a member staff came with her and stayed for as long as my sister wanted. My family and I have visited several homes that are more local to the family. We have never been able to find anything to match Parkside. We no longer search. My sister would refuse to move. I would thoroughly recommend this Care Home.

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Review Score 5 out of 5