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About Us is a quality and price comparison site offering health care customers the ability to compare quality and cost of care services including NHS Hospitals, GPs, Private Hospitals, Pharmacies, Dentists, Opticians and Care Homes. The site provides patients and the public with up to date, relevant information on the cost and quality of services to allow them to make the right choice about the healthcare they receive. Everyone should have a right to access the best quality healthcare either for free via the NHS or for an affordable price from a private provider. offers health care customers the ability to compare NHS quality with that of the private sector. It also allows health care customers to effectively compare the cost of private healthcare providers giving them the opportunity to complement their NHS care with a private test or procedure at an affordable price. is the first website in the UK providing cost comparison information for “self-pay” private services alongside information on NHS services. Providing this information in a single location ensures that health care customers can find the best possible price and quality combination. As the take up of private healthcare increases, costs usually become more competitive which in turn may increase take up and help reduce pressure on the NHS, therefore reducing waiting times on services.

Most detailed information on health and care services provides information on the majority of care providers in the UK including care homes, dentists, NHS Hospitals and Private Hospitals. In addition, the site provides detailed information on the location, quality and patients’ experience of these services. When looking for a care home, not only provides you with reviews of the service but also shows you services nearby to ensure that you or your family member choose a care home that can provide all the services you need.

Care tailored to your needs provides procedure level information on NHS and private procedures. This allows users to quickly compare NHS services and private services in terms of quality and cost. Health care customers can instantly see the waiting times for a specific operation or test and then make a decision about whether to wait for the NHS or whether private healthcare is an affordable option. is the only site in the UK that provides this level of information for specific operations.

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At we are passionate about your views and thoughts about the care you receive. We combine our reviews with reviews from a number of different sources and show a combined score to give an overall view of the service you are looking at. We feel that everyone should have confidence in a service before using it and a wide range of views help us to provide more insight.

We strive to provide a fair and balanced view of all services we show information on and this is helped by our expanding user base who contribute daily. We feel that fair and honest reviews, both positive and negative, can help increase the overall quality of healthcare provided and can have a positive impact in raising standards in the healthcare sector as a whole.

Reducing the cost of healthcare and helping to improve the NHS

As the number of patients using private healthcare increases the demand on the NHS will reduce. This will lead to shorter waiting times for NHS services. provides health care customers with comparison information on quality and cost across a range of health care providers and treatment types. This allows health care customers to make effective choices about their healthcare, including whether it is affordable to pay for a one-off private procedure. By providing comparative cost information on private healthcare procedures, will help to people get the best private healthcare deal. This will make private healthcare more affordable allowing more people to use these services.

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Find great care near you and compare options to make the best choice possible. Compare Care Homes, Home Care, local Hospitals, Opticians, GP Practices, Dentists and Pharmacies to help find the right one for you. See the latest CQC rating and read reviews from NHS Choices, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as well as from Filter on lots of options to tailor your care search to match your needs and let help you make a more informed choice!