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Bestcarecompare Comments Policy

At bestcarecompare we strongly believe that patients should have a voice and encourage visitors to the site to provide comment on their experience of health and care services. Please note that provides the ability to comment on services and these reviews will be viewed by other visitors to the site and may be viewed by the providers of the service. However, this is not a complaints process and any complaints should be addressed to the relevant organisation. Further details on how to complain about an NHS service can be found at

Complaints about non-NHS organisations should be addressed to the relevant provider and contact details can be found on

Leaving comments/reviews on www.

In order to leave a review on you will need to provide a valid email address to support our validation and moderation process. You can choose to comment anonymously or provide your name. Whatever you choose, please note that your review is likely to be read by thousands of other healthcare users who want to use your feedback to make choices about their own healthcare.

Feedback should be left in the “Write a Review” section of the page for the provider you are commenting on. You can leave a star rating for various elements of the care provided and can also add your text review in the “My Review” section. Pictures are a very useful aid for people when making choices about healthcare and you can therefore upload relevant and appropriate pictures in the “My Pictures” section. Comments and pictures will be validated and moderated where appropriate in accordance with the bestcarecompare validation, moderation and removal policy.

We do not accept comments from members of staff of the organisation or comments solicited by service providers or related parties. Service providers should not post comments on behalf of their patients, friends or families. Service providers should not post comments on their own services although the facility does exist to respond to comments made about their own services.

Replying to comments/reviews on www.

If you are a service provider and want to respond to a comment made on then please email the team at

Please note that if the comment/review has originated from NHS Choices then we advise you to provide a response via NHS Choices. You can do this via by clicking on the “Original Comment” button.

If you wish to respond to a comment/review that has been made directly on then please email your response to and ensure that you email from a valid email address for the organisation. We will only publish responses once these have been validated and moderated in accordance with our policies.

Complaining about another person’s comment/review

If you believe that a comment that is published on breaks our rules you can alert one of the team by emailing exists to provide accurate and information to inform people about the quality and cost of health and healthcare services. We therefore take the accuracy and appropriateness of our comments and reviews very seriously. It is unlikely that false, fraudulent or inappropriate comments/reviews will get passed our validation and moderation process. However, if this does occur please email and we will review the comment/review and take appropriate action.

If the comment/review has been made via another platform (e.g. NHS Choices), then the complainant will need to address this with that organisation. However, if appropriate we will remove the comment/review until the issue has been resolved in accordance with our validation, moderation and removal policy.

House rules for posting comments/reviews

1.      All comments must be relevant to the page on which they are posted.

2.      All comments must abide by the relevant law and legislation and must be civil and respectful. Comments about poor service are allowed but should be written in a civil tone. Please note that comments/reviews that are abusive, threatening, obscene, racist, homophobic, sexist or that incite/promote hatred will be removed.

3.      Abusive language will not be tolerated and reviews that contain abusive language will be moderated or removed in accordance with our validation, moderation and removal policy.

4.      Comments/Reviews should not include names of staff members or patients. Comments/Reviews that contain the names of patients or staff will be moderated or removed in accordance with our validation, moderation and removal policy. Please do not post other personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, twitter handles and addresses. Any comments/reviews containing this sort of personal information will be removed.

5.      Please write reviews in English. We do not have the facility to translate comments and therefore cannot validate and moderate comments/reviews made in other languages. Any comments/reviews made in languages other than English will be removed.

6.      Please submit only one comment per experience. Duplicate reviews will be removed.

7.      Comments/Reviews that name businesses or commercial services are not permitted and will be removed.

8.      If you are under 16 please get permission from a parent or guardian before posting a comment/review. We very much want your comments on your experience as young people have just as much right to choose their healthcare provider and express their opinions. However, we do ask that you seek permission from a parent or guardian before posting.

9.      Comments/Reviews that request or give specific medical advice are not permitted

10.  Any comments/reviews that are deemed to be advertising a product or service will be removed

11.  Any comment/review that have been made following financial or any other inducement will be removed. We reserve the right to remove any comment/review that we reasonably suspect has been made following financial or other inducement.  

12.  Current court cases and court injunctions: contempt of court rules mean you cannot make comments that could prejudice the outcome of a court case or General Medical Council hearing. Comments on something that subsequently becomes the subject of a court case or hearing will also be removed if they risk being in contempt of court. Contributions that break a court injunction will be removed.

13.  Clinical negligence or criminal activity: specific accusations of clinical negligence in which an individual is identified will not be published. If you have an allegation of clinical negligence by a particular clinician, please use the NHS complaints procedure. Accusations of specific criminal activity will not be published. If you believe that criminal activity is or has taken place at any NHS organisation, please contact the police or the organisation directly.

14.  Defamation: defamation is a complex area. Defamation may occur when someone makes a statement that causes serious harm to a person's reputation. The law allows you to post comments containing your honestly held opinion, provided you identify the facts on which you are expressing your opinion. Posting untrue statements is against the law if they cause serious harm to a person's reputation or are likely to do so. Comments deemed to contain defamatory statements will be removed.

15.  Disclaimer: this definition is not to be regarded as a statement of the law nor should it be relied upon to make any judgement as to whether content is potentially defamatory. It is up to you to decide whether to take specific legal advice.

16.  Threats: comments containing threats of public fear, terrorism or threats towards any individual are not permitted. 

17.  Copyright: ensure that you own the copyright to any material you put on the site - especially if you have copied it from another source. If we are in doubt about the ownership of content, we will remove it from the site.

Further Information

Privacy - When you make a comment you will be asked to provide a valid email address. Your details will only be used to contact you about services you have expressed an interest in or to contact you about your comment should there be any concern about it. will not pass on your details to any other party unless permitted or required by the 1998 Data Protection Act, or required by order of a court. 

Copyright of your contributions

Your contributions to the website are published to the general public. In submitting your comments you assign all rights to for use and publication of your contribution. If you are unwilling to grant copyright to your contribution you should not submit it to the site.

Action we may take

A breach of any of our rules can lead to your comment being rejected. Repeated or serious breaches of our rules may lead to blocking contributions from your email address. reserves the right to delete any content at any time for any reason and is under no obligation to publish any contributions. reserves the right to alter or update the house rules or terms and conditions at any time.



Validation, Moderation and Removal Policy exists to provide information to patients and service users to help them make the best possible choices about the care they receive. We do not promote specific organisations and sim to reflect the quality of the organisations as judged by service users as well as by regulators such as the CQC. We make no judgement about the quality of each organisation and leave it up to the regulators and the users to express their honest opinions about the services they receive. We therefore aim to publish as many comments/reviews from patients as possible whether they reflect a good or bad experience of the care provider.

However, as a responsible publisher, we aim to ensure that all comments/reviews are appropriate and abide by the house rules stated in our Comments Policy.

Reviews that are not submitted directly to (e.g. Comments made via NHS Choices) receives reviews directly from an array of media including NHS Choices, Google and Facebook. This ensures that we provide users with a consolidated customer view of service providers. As these reviews are provided by third parties we are obliged to ensure that we follow the same rules and guidelines that these organisations but in place. If a comment/review is removed from NHS Choices or other social media then we will ensure that this comment/review is removed from within 5 working days of it being removed from the third party site. If you have requested a review/comment to be removed from NHS Choices or another platform, we recommend that you contact us immediately at to inform us and we will ensure that the appropriate action is taken. In most instances we will remove the comment/review until we have confirmation from the third party supplier as to the appropriate action to take. 

Reviews made directly on automatically and routinely screens comments/reviews that are submitted directly to We use automated as well as using moderators to flag questionable comments/reviews.

Any comments that are submitted directly to which break the house rules, as stated in our comments policy, will be removed with 2 exceptions.

In order to ensure that we include as much user feedback as possible on the site, in certain instances we will hash out any abusive language in comments/reviews, provided the remainder of the review does not break any of the other house rules. We will also remove any names or other personal information that is included in comments/reviews to ensure that the main content of the comment/review is still available to help other patients and healthcare users choose the best possible care. We do not censor reviews but we can not publish foul language or personal information such as names. We will therefore do our utmost to remove these elements from comments/reviews. However, where this is not practically possible or where the comment/review breaks another house rule then we reserve the right to remove the comment completely from the site.

Given the robust automated and manual processes that we have in place it is highly unlikely that an inappropriate review will be published on the site. However. If this does happen, then users can report this directly to us by emailing When we receive a complaint about a review we will undertake an initial review of the comment/review and, if appropriate, we will remove the comment/review. If there is uncertainty about the validity of the comment/review then we will remove the comment/review until we complete an investigation into the appropriateness of the comment.

Given the volume of comments made on, it is impossible for us to fact check all the reviews. We believe that the volume of reviews available on allows users to get the facts and spot trends among to reviews to help them decide which service provider to use. 

Please note that any attempt to mislead, influence or impersonate someone who has used care services is considered fraudulent and will be subject to penalty. Any reviews that are fraudulent will be immediately removed and the person who posted the comment/review may be subject to further action. It is important to note that writing false positive comments for your organisation is considered fraud as is writing malicious comments/reviews that have no basis in fact.

We have processes in place to identify potentially fraudulent comments/reviews, but if you believe that a fraudulent comment has been published then please email so we can take appropriate action. If you can demonstrate that a comment/review is fraudulent then we will immediately remove this from the site.

If you are an owner or member of staff at a care provider that is included on then you may not write a review of the organisation that you own or work for. However, provided you do not provide any inducement to users of your services then you are welcome to encourage them to write honest comments/reviews about the care that they, or their friends/family, received.

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