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    North Ferriby Nursing Home is a provider of care near North Ferriby and provides a list of services and facilities listed below if available. This provider has 1 reviews with a rating of 5 out of 5.

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    North Ferriby Nursing Home is approximately 0.1 mile(s) away from North Ferriby. More information

Review date :Apr 17 2014
We cannot praise the care our father received at North Ferriby House highly enough. From the moment he moved in all the staff knew his individual needs and he was made to feel very welcome. As a family we were also made welcome and kept fully informed about his progress and care. Our father died while at North Ferriby House and his end of life care was sensitive and tailored to his needs and wishes, which he had previously expressed in a 'living will' . We received a great deal of help with making the funeral arrangements. We highly recommend North Ferriby House.

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Review Score 5 out of 5